Setting The Stage

This is the Englisch version of Einleitendes.

During large parts of 2018 and 2019, my family and I took the adventure of building a house somewhere in the middle of Germany. Over the course of the following months, I will provide insight into the various episodes of tech-related things I encountered during that time.

Topics will cover home networking (mostly using Ubiquiti’s UniFi gear), home automation (mostly based on Loxone) as well as surrounding topics like my personal Docker host, or other tech stuff. The home automation space will range from the heat pump controller via our ventilation system to integrating our door bell and the SONOS audio system.

Software that I deem worth sharing with the world will most probably end up being published on my GitHub account.

With regards to the language of my subsequent blog posts, I currently suppose it will be a wild mix of English and German ones, because certain topics will just be a better fit for one language or the other. Take the examples above: While UniFi is very popular in English speaking regions, the Loxone system is developed in Austria and very popular in Germany. Therefore, I will assign the categories English and Deutsch to my posts, and I encourage you to watch these categories or subscribe to the English or German feeds, if you are only interested in one of them.

In case you are interested in other aspects of our house like the actual building process or interior design, you’ll find pictures (with German captions) over at my wife’s Instagram feed.

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